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Simone Battistutta

Unità di ricerca dell'Università di Pavia

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Simone Battistutta was born in 1988 in Tortona (AL), Italy. He received the BS degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pavia in September 2011. The title of his BS thesis was “Riflettometria nel dominio del tempo per applicazioni su cavi UTP”: he worked at his graduation thesis at STMicroelectronics (Cornaredo - MI) and it was focused on the development of an algorithm for the fault identification and localization on UTP cables during an Ethernet communication. From 2011, he attended the MS degree in Electronics Engineering at the University of Pavia. The topic of his thesis was the development of an automated software for the analysis of waveguide circuits based on BI-RME method. Simone received the MS degree on October 2015 (110/110 cum laude). From October 2015 he joined the Microwave Lab as Ph.D. student. His current research activities are focused on the study of numerical techniques for the EM analysis (primarily the BI-RME method), and the development of microwave components.