Course “Leaky Waves and Periodic Structures for Antenna Applications”

In the framework of the European School of Antennas and Propagation (, the Course “Leaky Waves and Periodic Structures for Antenna Applications’’ will take place on-line from April 27th to 30th, 2021, organized by “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy.

The Course will offer Lectures on different concepts, realizations, and applications of Leaky Waves, Leaky-Wave Antennas and Periodic Structures.

The Lecturers will be well-recognized authorities on the relevant topics.

The present 6th Edition (previous ones held in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017 at the Faculty of Engineering of “La Sapienza” University of Rome) will be given on-line due to the Covid emergency.

The Course is aimed at Ph.D. students, scientists and designers from academia and industry. For students, the Course will provide 3 ECTS.

The Registration fee will be 250 € for Universities, research centers and non-profit organizations, 440 € for business companies.

For further information and updates, please contact Fabrizio Frezza (