Leaky waves and periodic structures for antenna applications

Università La Sapienza di Roma, Facoltà di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale

via Eudossiana 18
26-29 aprile 2017

The Course offers lectures on different concepts, realizations, and applications of Leaky Waves and Periodic Structures.

General features and applications. Fields of a leaky-wave source, leaky waves in open structures. Characterization of leaky-wave antennas: determination of the phase and attenuation constants, relation to the radiation properties. Mechanisms employed to produce leakage: apertures, asymmetries, use of suitable modes. Interaction of inhomogeneous plane waves with lossy media.

Periodic Structures. Scanning behavior, phased arrays of leaky-wave line sources, unit-cell approach.

Transverse equivalent networks, aperture admittance, transverse-resonance technique.

Radiation-pattern shaping, aperture distribution: tapering procedures for leaky-wave antennas.

Examples of practical antennas: partially-open metallic waveguides, dielectric structures, printed lines. Feed, losses, manufacture issues. Measurement techniques.

“European School of Antennas” ESoA

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