PhD position (3 years) at the University of Ferrara. Starting from November 2016

PhD position (3 years) at the University of Ferrara
Starting from November 2016.
Application on line before 05/08/2016 h 12.00.

In the framework of the three-years action of the Emilia Romagna Region promoting the development of High Skills for Research, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship, one PhD position is open at the Department of Engineering of the University of Ferrara.
The topic of interest is the development of innovative sensors in planar technology. The researcher will be prepared to work in both research laboratories and industrial R&D units.
The PhD aims at developing innovative sensors based on radio frequency, optics and plasmonics for applications in monitoring and controlling industrial equipment and processes.
The research will involve theoretical/numerical investigations, fabrication, characterization and final installation on the operative environment. In the PhD, the design of the electronics needed to interface and install the sensors in the operative environment will therefore be considered.
The PhD will be developed in the framework of the Regional Project on “Material, devices and innovative processes for Industry 4.0” involving Universities (Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Parma), research Laboratories (Democenter, Future T echnology LAB, IMEM-CNR, MIST E-R, Tecnopolo MechLav) and industries (ALSTOM FERROVIARIA SPA. RSens srl, Dallara Automobili Spa, Due2lab srl, DNAPhone srl, Datalogic IP Tech srl, SACMI Imola SC).

For any information, please contact Prof. Gaetano Bellanca (