Unità di Ricerca dell’Università di Bologna

The activities of the Research Unit of Bologna focus on methodologies and techniques for the analysis and modelling of the physical phenomena which wireless and wired information transmission is based on for modern telecommunication systems.

Research studies in this field carried out in Bologna include the following topics:


Optics: Study and characterization of optical systems for signals processing, telecommunication and sensors exploiting free space propagation, optical fiber, integrated optics.


Research themes include:

  • Study of the propagation characteristics of waveguides and components for Integrated Optical Circuits, Optical Sensors and Optical Telecommunications.
  • Study of transmission systems in singlemode or multimode fiber for wireless signal transmission in scenarios in-building or outdoor.
  • Study of laser sources for the transmission of radio astronomic signals.
  • Silicon Photonics.

link: http://www.dei.unibo.it/en/research/research-facilities/Labs/optics-laboratory


Propagation: theoretical and experimental modeling of the radio channel to assess radio communication system performance and support radio planning.


Research themes include:

  • Electromagnetic propagation modelling: study of deterministic and hybrid models for multidimensional field prediction. Short range and long range channel models(RF-ID, WiFi, WiMAX, mobile systems, DVB-T), millimeter wave channel models for 5G systems, solar intensity modelling.
  • Green ICT, ICT for green: Study of energy-efficient radio system planning techniques. Study of smart metering networks for smart-grids in urban areas.
  • Spectrum usage optimization: Study of cognitive radio systems and dynamic resource allocation techniques for the optimization of spectrum usage in realistic propagation conditions. Evaluation of coexistence of different services in the same area or in adjacent areas/bands (e.g. coexistence between different MFCN).
  • Radioprotection: assessment of exposure levels generated by radio communication systems.

link: http://www.dei.unibo.it/en/research/research-activities/electromagnetic-fields/Electromagnetic-propagation-and-wireless-systems


Antenna and RF circuits/system design: circuit-level nonlinear/EM co-design of wireless systems. Innovative eco-compatible solutions (i.e. energy-aware operations and biodegradable materials). The research activity mainly consists of Computer Aided Design of RF integrated nonlinear radiating subsystems.


Research themes include:

  • Wireless power transmission (WPT): b oth far-field and near-field analytical and numerical design, for several power needs (mW to kW), operating frequencies and application scenarios, namely powering of energy autonomous sensors and charging of portable devices. Wireless Information and Power transfer (WIPT).
  • Multi-band Rectennas: rectifying antenna/antenna arrays and PMUs an d antenna array for ultra-low power wireless micro-systems based on RF Energy Harvesting.
  • EM characterization of materials: RF modelling of textile-based substrates and conductors and magneto-dielectric materials for wearable electronics
  • Harmonic-Balance-based CAD tools for efficient simulation of large-size circuits (e.g digitally-modulated RF transceiver, UWB front-end, MIMO and RFID)
  • RFID-enabled sensing systems. Passive sensing.
  • Nonlinear design of active antennas, and time-based arrays

link: http://www.dei.unibo.it/en/research/research-facilities/Labs/rfcal-rf-circuit-and-antenna-design-lab


Rappresentante dell'unità di Ricerca: Alessandra Costanzo