Special issue MDPI Journal of Carbon Research on “Carbon Based Films: Characterization, Radiofrequency and Terahertz Applications”

La collega Patizia Savi (unità del Politecnico di Torino) è guest editor di un numero speciale della rivista MDPI Journal of Carbon Research su “Carbon Based Films: Characterization, Radiofrequency and Terahertz Applications“, una opportunità interessante per i molti che si stanno interessando all’uso “elettromagnetico” di grafene e altri “carbon-based films“.

In the search for novel materials, carbon-based materials (carbon nanotubes, graphene, and biochar) are some of
the most sought-aer materials due to their interesting electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties. The
properties of carbon-based materials and films have been widely analyzed in the terahertz frequency range where
plasmonic effects occur. Recently, the practical utility of carbon-based films in the microwave frequency spectrum
has been researched, and potential applications including sensing, shielding and RF and wireless communications are emerging. Further research needs to be done in order to expand the horizon in terms of practical applications and functional device prototypes.
This Special Issue focuses on recent advances in the characterization and applications of carbon-based films.

Suggested topics for this Special Issue include:

  • Characterization and modeling of carbon-based films for microwave applications;
  • Passive tunable components based on carbon films;
  • Carbon-based films and sensing;
  • Innovative shielding films;
  • Films for satellite and space applications.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2020